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The day I got my car delivered at the showroom. I was super excited as this was my favorite car. It took me a while to decide on whether I should buy the SE Platinum or the LE Platinum. Matching my taste, I off course chose LE Platinum (PL8). The moment I started the engine and began driving, I was flying high in the sky with the immense luxury my Patrol offered. It was an unexplainable feeling. My favorite car, the most luxurious and expensive car of my life and here I was, owing and driving it. I remember driving from Dubai to Sharjah on the day I got my car and the despite the traffic on the way, I felt the drive just got over too soon. After 30 minutes at home, I was like, I need to drive it again. Here I was, driving to Sheikh Zayed road just to have that feel of the V8 engine power and to feel the softness of the luxury leather seats. Not to forget the magical feel I got when I first played music on the bose surround system the Patrol offered. Then came the pandemic in 2020. I travelled outside the country and got stuck due to flight suspension. Tragically during my absence, my Patrol was stolen from the parking lot. To date, I really miss my baby, the automobile love of my life. I am not sure whether I will be able to own another one in my life but I am really hopeful and pray that one day Allah will bless me with another Patrol to continue my memorable moments with this luxurious and powerful King of the desert and the roads.