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My relation with Nissan Started in 2011 when I bought my first car Nissan Altima (2.5) 4 cylinder and because I believe on the efficiency and reliability of this brand (Sales, After sales, maintenance, Parts …Etc.) I decided after 2 Years to add a Nissan Partol LE 8 cylinder. Nissan Patrol, In addition to being a sporty youth car, it is one of the most successful and beautiful family cars due to its safe and comfortable specifications. I have many stories that keep me adjacent and fan to my Nissan Patrol, and below is one of the unforgettable funny story that will keep my relation with this brand forever. My Story: I don’t consider myself an off-road driver as I am very rarely going to the desert. One day, the weather was fantastic for a desert camping myself and friends planned for a desert trip. We were five people including myself, each one has a different 4X4 Car brand and I was the only one driving Nissan Patrol. One of my friend stuck in an area of sand dunes. It was buried with soft sand to make sand mounds. I was acting like a person with 100 years of off-road experience going as a hero to save him. As I reached there, the car started slowing down until it stuck as well. I felt that the tiers are rolling in the air, sand flying everywhere and the full body of the car with the chassis below were touching the sand completely from all sides. Then the Hero (myself) stepped out from the car to do nothing 🙂 . We managed to save my friend, as his car was just on the edge of the mound by pushing him back with the support of three other persons and waiting for someone to come and save me as my car was on the top of the mound and it needs other car to pull it. Four to Five Cars with experienced drivers came trying to save me without any luck, also we reduced the level of tiers air pressure to 15psi and below without any single move. Moreover, I felt sorry for a person who damaged his car rear bumper while trying to pull me out. The situation took more than 2 hours of trying and then someone suggested me to call Municipality or Police for help as they may have some type of cars for this area. Others told me where the Crawl system in the car is, I said I don’t know of such system :). After checking on some YouTube videos related to how Nissan Partol can move by itself from such situation. I found that there are nothing called Crawl system. What I should do is to put the gear on 4L with opening the Def-Lock and move it with turning the steering wheel right and left trying front and rear till it move. I followed the same steps and finally managed to move the car without any Help from others. The moral of the story: with Nissan Patrol don’t fear or call for a help because it’ll never let you down.