Hi All, My name is Ali Mardood, an Emirati banker from Dubai. We all remember the lockdown days due to Covid like it was a bad dream. Something unreal, something that we could never have imagined, not even beyond our wildest thoughts. But it happened, the empty streets of Dubai, the quiet roads, the empty malls, the fear of not knowing whats going on, the scary sound of the alarm on our phones telling us that the curfew has begun. Ahh, 2020 what a roller coaster of a year. Looking back now, we hope that the worst is behind us. But not everything was bad about 2020. The pandemic taught us to value the things we took for granted. Our families that we barely saw because we were too busy at work, our friends that we thought will always be there but all of a sudden we couldn’t see them, or hug them, or even shake their hands. Also, The fresh breath of air we took for granted, where now we have to wear masks to avoid the spread of the virus. But as human beings we learned to adapt. We started using other tools that helped us become innovative with the technology that is available to us. Deliveroo, Talabat, Zoom & Microsoft Teams have forever changed the way we operate and this is where my story starts. We were all told to work from home on April 8th 2020. I had to buy a work chair and a laptop stand to set up the area to work from my bedroom. It was weird at first but then it got even weirder since I was working in my pajama’s and it did not feel like I was at work at all. So I needed to break the routine since my bedroom, a place of peace and quiet and sleep, also became my working place. This was driving me crazy since there was no switch between being at work or at home, it was all the same now. I needed to do something different and be in a place other than my bedroom the whole time. I wanted to feel like I was going to work or even work from a place other than my bedroom. But that couldn’t be possible since there was a curfew meaning going to the mall or a coffee shop was out of the question. If I had to set up my laptop somewhere other than my bedroom, it had to be at home. So I looked outside and saw my beautiful black Nissan Patrol. And then it hit me, why not wake up , get dressed and go work from my car. It is quiet, it is spacious, it has all the things I needed and better yet, the wifi connection reaches my car and that is exactly what I did for a couple of weeks. I would wake up, take a shower, get dressed and go to the car. With the space my car has in the back seat , I set up everything at the back and started working from there which resulted in the creation of my most memorable memory with my Nissan. I had meetings on Zoom and MS teams, I made important calls and my Nissan felt like my office which was so much fun and it made me feel like I was in a working environment other than my bedroom. No one knew of course that I was doing all that from my car but thanks to my Nissan Patrol, I broke the routine and was out of my room during working hours. My Nissan Patrol was my office and my work away from work. I never got to thank my car for all this, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank my beautiful black Nissan Patrol. Thank you for keeping me sane in a time of insanity , here is to creating more memorable memories together. Regards, Ali Mardood