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Fatima Alketbi

Every time I remember my childhood I remember our white nissan patrol 2000. we took our Nissan patrol to our 1 year

Affan Nadeem

Well there are many stories but the one which very much favorite was related to the power of Nissan Patrol so we are a

Ahmed Shraideh

Three beautiful memories always in mind mind. 1) my wife and daughter face after I pick them up for the first drive. 2)

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Adnan Kausar

The day I got my car delivered at the showroom. I was super excited as this was my favorite car. It took me a while to

Ahmad al falasi

So the story with this Nissan started at the age of 8 approximately, my father bought this Nissan in early 2000s,

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Aboobakkar K Ali

Every moment with our patrol is a beautiful memory. From the moment it’s with us , every moment is beautiful. Love for

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Santhosh Simon

The passion for owning a Patrol (the “King of the Desert”) became a realization in 2007. It was a dream come true. It is a 2007 Y61, TB48, 4 door Safari. Before the Patrol, I owned an

Ali Mohammad Mardood

Hi All, My name is Ali Mardood, an Emirati banker from Dubai. We all remember the lockdown days due to Covid like it was a bad dream. Something unreal, something that we

خالد محمدعلي غزاوي

السلام عليكم ورحمة وبركاته نيسان باترول سياره رائعه بكل المقاييس ياما انقذتنا في البر أذكر إحدى المواقف التي حصلت لي في البر تمكنت من مساعدة أسره غرزت